Friday, June 30, 2017

Running Baja.

While living aboard 9 months out of the year it can be challenging to stay fit.  It is not always easy or convenient to work out or go for a run.  Last season we started, then peetered out, struggling to find the motivation to head out in the dinghy toward the beach in search of a suitable place to run.  This season we were much more dedicated and we found that we were richly rewarded.

On mainland Mexico it is easier finding places to run because we are almost always anchored by small or large towns.  On Baja, it is a completely different story as almost all of Baja's anchorages are extremely remote with very few towns and just a few cobbled dirt roads that wander from the beaches off into the thorny hillsides and mountains and eventually connecting to the main highway that is well into the interior.

This video is really more about the beauty of where we run and not so much about running itself.  However, we have found that running has given us a much braoder view of the hard stuff that is always just a short swim or dinghy ride away.  As we ran down beaches, trails and dirt roads I often thought of my running buddy, John Lotts, back in Oregon and how much he would LOVE the diversity.  This video is for you John.

Until next time,

Bret and Marne
SV Liahona


  1. Wow!! You are totally right...I would love running there. We need to put down some miles together there. Total opposite of the views we get here but just as beautiful. Perfect shirt to be wearing by the way..that reminds me of running that one with you. Thanks for the share.

  2. Neat video! Have you ever accidently ran into a dangerous area, or a place where you got a sense that you're not welcome?

  3. No, never. However, my barefoot running definitely gets some odd looks and comments out in the middle of nowhere.

  4. Wow, barefoot running! You are very brave! I loved the video! Have a great summer on the mainland!