Thursday, October 13, 2016

Still here... proper repairs take time.

We are still here on dry dock, now about 5 days delayed from our original plan.  The outlook is not definite but thinking we might splash the middle of next week, approximately 2 weeks longer than we thought.  However, when effecting repairs it is always easier to do things right the first time instead of applying a band aid and then having to deal with it later.

The area is now about 4-5' long and we still find glass that is not sound.

Our holdup here is the hull repair.  While prep sanding for new bottom paint we found a small crack near the bow, well under the waterline, where the keel connects to the hull.  Not the actual hull joint but above it.  We ground into the glass and followed the crack back on the starboard side about 4'.  The open area seems to be revealing better, more sound glass but we are not there yet.  It appears that there was an old repair done improperly that allowed moisture to enter and then over the years it moved along the stress line and caused some delamination of the fiberglass layers.  In order for the repair to be done right and allow for maximum adhesion of the new glass, the damaged area must be void of any moisture.  As we apply thinner to the area a few times a day we are waiting for the drying process to happen.  The moisture levels are coming down but it will most likely be 2-5 more days before we can begin to lay glass back in.  Once that is complete we can then throw a coat of bottom paint on and head for the water!

As we wait for the hull repair area to dry we are keeping busy with several other projects.  Here is a quick look at the other tasks.

 The new washdown pump is installed under the starboard salon cushion using the through hull that was left behind from the keel cooler that we no longer have.  Hoses run from here to the bow and also to the stern.

 The new flat screen installed on the forward bulkhead in the pullman berth with Pierre the Poodler looking on.

 Patching a very slow leak on the dinghy.  Two layers in, one to go and hoping we will have an air tight dink.

 We had to remove all the bottom paint down to the gelcoat in this area because the dinghy outboard motor that was mounted on the rail for the summer dripped oil and contaminated the paint.

 While at home this summer we cut out new starboard steps for the swing down ladder off the stern pulpit.

 New prop shaft installed with the PSS dripless system rebuilt as well.  New zincs, painted shaft and prop with Pettit prop paint...all ready to go.

New bearings installed top and bottom on the old Facnor in-mast furling.

 New Vesper Marine AIS installed with VHF antenna splitter/booster.  We are pretty excited to have this new piece of safety equipment onboard.

Remote switch (black, rectangular) for Xantrex inverter installed in companionway for ease of control.  The inverter is in the aft cabin closet.  The circular switch next to it is the controller for the two underwater LED lights, one on the stern and the other on the starboard side.

Main and genoa up and furled but here we sit waiting for the SLOW fiberglass repair to be completed.

Waiting for the fiberglass repairs has been very frustrating.  A mix between waiting for things do dry out and having patience with the Mexican labor force that may or may not get to it when they should.  Our desires to get in the water and start the more relaxed part of our cruising season feed emotions that range from being patient, and happy to be here in Mexico, to thoroughly discouraged wondering if this is ever going to get taken care of.  As many of the cruisers remind is all part of the adventure.  So the adventure continues.

SV Liahona
Bret and Marne


  1. It is the busiest time of the year! We have a long list on Coastal Drifter and not sure will will get to the bottom of the list as new tasks get priotized. We should splash in on the 26th. See you out there!

  2. We just scheduled to splash on the 22nd. One more week! Hoping that all goes as planned to be able to hold to that date...only 2 weeks late. haha. See you out there!