Saturday, February 20, 2016

SV Rage lost on the rocks.

About a week ago we took a trip over to Los Arcos on the other side of the bay with some friends off of SV Espiritu.  Upon returning we dropped the anchor in La Cruz among 30 or so other boats.  The wind was blowing around 20+ knots as it typically does here in the bay in the afternoons.  Along with the strong winds we also had a large swell rolling through the anchorage.

Just after getting settled Marne looked out and saw the 40' SV Rage very near the rocky beach behind us.  It was obvious that she had broken off her anchor line and was drifting into danger with no one aboard.  I immediately jumped in the dinghy and headed that way.  By the time I got to the boat, along with 2 or 3 other cruisers in dinghies, Rage was already lodged on a large rock about 100 yards off shore and with each swell she was being lifted 5-6' off of the rock then slammed back down as the swell past.  It was a gut wrenching sound.

Dinghies rushing to help...

Within minutes she had dislodged from that rock but was pushed further into shore, lying on her side on the rocks with each swell adding more damage to her hull.  It was immediately apparent that there was nothing we could do.  The owners, who were on land, were contacted and came out to helplessly watch their boat get destroyed on the rocks by the pounding surf.

Over the next few days many, many volunteers came out to help them recover as much as they could from the vessel, forming fire lines passing items hand to hand through the surf and onto the shore.  I was busy with the fridge situation but Marne volunteered and spent several hours in the surf with the others doing what they could to help the owners.

Marne and the others in the fire line.

Rage is still on the rocks and has been declared a total loss.  In the next few days she will be cut apart, taken on land piece by piece and disposed of .  All of us here in the area feel so bad for them and send our deepest condolences for their immense loss.

Life changes quickly so enjoy every moment and take nothing for granted.

SV Liahona
Bret and Marne

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