Sunday, August 23, 2015

Preparations for another season in the warm waters of Mexico.

As the 2015-2016 cruising season approaches Marne and I are in high gear getting all of the preparations ready to head south.  During hurricane season our boat is on dry dock in San Carlos Mexico, about a 25 hour drive from home base here in southern Oregon.  Although it is a fair distance, it is still manageable and allows us to bring down needed gear and provisions for the upcoming season.   While we are on the boat we keep a list of needed items that are best to be purchased stateside and after several months aboard the list tends to get quite lengthy. This last trip to Oregon found us with a list about 3 pages long...about the norm.  While at home we scour the internet sourcing the various parts and pieces that we are looking for as well as build or make others while here on land. This last week found Marne and me over at my mom's house making pillow cases for the new bedding that we will be putting in the pullman berth.

And here is a view of the gear that is accumulating waiting for the trip southbound, with much more to come.

Something else that is always on our mind is how we can make a few more pennies for the cruising kitty.  The current plan is to do contract work for Oregon Dept. of Forestry delivering water for wildland fire fighting.  We have two water trucks (tenders) that are on contract in 4 counties here in southern Oregon.  This particular summer has been interesting.  Although half of Oregon and Washington are on fire, to date we haven't received any calls for our services in any of the counties that we have contracts with.  We still have about 4-5 weeks left before we leave so we will have to see what happens on that front.  

We thought the new company name and logo is quite apropros!

However, when all the financial considerations were being evaluated to realize my dream of being a liveaboard cruiser, fire fighting was definitely not part of the plan so if there are no fires for us to work all will still be well and I'm sure that the deer, elk and other animals that live in the forest will be happy that their particular neighborhood isn't shades of grey and black.  So everything is bueno bueno and we move forward with excitement awaiting another season of adventure and surprise. Until next time.

SV Liahona
Bret and Marne


  1. Love this. Can't wait for you guys to start your journey. You guys better Emil me an post pics... so excited for you guys. Luv ya

  2. Thanks Kayla. We are getting pretty excited to get out of here and get going with it!